UNICEF campaign dares Thai youth to dream and encourages them

to participate in shaping their future

19 November 2019
Poster of children dare to speak up
UNICEF Thailand

BANGKOK, 19 November 2019 – UNICEF Thailand has launched its “Dare to Dream” campaign, encouraging youth participation in envisioning the future of Thai education curriculum together. The campaign provides a platform for young people to express their opinion on the essential skills they need to learn to make the most of their future, through an online poll at www.unicef.or.th/d2d.

This poll will help gather the opinions of adolescents and young people on school curriculum related to life skills and skills for work. The in-depth information collected will be channeled as recommendations for upgrading skills-learning and teaching methods to become more aligned with the needs and aspirations of the new generation of Thai students.

The youth voices will also be integral for updating the National Skills Framework and the competency-based curriculum, a collaborative project between UNICEF Thailand, Office of the Basic Education, Ministry of Education, and other partners.

As part of the campaign, UNICEF will also host the ‘Dare to Dream Fest” on Saturday, 30 November 2019 at Lido Connect, working together with a mix of talented celebrities and influencers such as “Peach” Pachara Chirathivat, “Belle” Kemisara Paladesh, “Softpomz” Sophitsakorn Chotethanarit, “DeeJay FahSai” Thitirat Intep, “IRONBOY” Sirisak Lekwattanaroth, and “Ma Deaw” Apichet Atilattana.

“Dare to Dream” aims not only to promote young people’s views on education far and wide, but also to showcase the power and energy that adolescents and young people bring to society, and their right to meaningfully participate in matters that concerns them, as enshrined in the Conventions of the Rights of the Child.

Peter Frobel, Acting Representative of UNCEF Thailand said, “The job market is changing at a rapid pace, not to mention there are new kinds of employment created every day. Children and young people need to have the knowledge and skills to cope with this changing landscape in order to have a fulfilling life and drive society forward. Today, our focus is on enhancing their ability to learn, adapt and strengthen their skills for the future. This work will never be finished if we don’t meaningfully engage children and young people in this change process.”

This campaign was launched with short video clips from two young celebrities: “Peach” Pachara Chirathivat, Friends of UNICEF, and “BamBam” Kunpimuk Bhuwakun, famous artist of Got7. An inspirational video from BamBam encourages youth to chase their dreams and do whatever it takes to succeed in the things they are passionate about; while Peach’s video encourages children and young people to express themselves using a symbolic gesture of ‘brushing things up’ to communicate the message along with the hashtag #เปลี่ยนแปรงหน่อยป่ะล่ะ #ChangebrushChallenge #DaretoDream

The Dare to Dream Campaign has so far been well-received by both young people and adults alike on social media since its launch, and features three fun videos to engage teens in answering surveys, and to inspire them to tell their own ‘Dare to Dream’ stories which can be viewed now at www.unicef.or.th/daretodream 

1st Video - DJ: When your dream doesn’t match reality, how can you make it happen?! http://bit.ly/D2DV01

2nd Video - The Maker: If you dare to think it, you can dare to make it happen too! The future is in our hands! http://bit.ly/D2DV02

3rd Video - Vlogger: Your chance is now, make it happen before it’s too late. http://bit.ly/D2DV03

UNICEF invites youth and students in Thailand to join the ‘Dare to Dream Fest” on Saturday, 30 November 2019 at Lido Connect. The festival will consist of four main activity zones 1) Dare to be Heard – a talk show hosted by youth speakers who will share their tips and tricks on pursuing their dreams 2) Dare to Unlock –a Q&A session that will give young people a chance to ask career experts questions related to various career paths. 3) Dare to Imagine – A chance for young people to brainstorm and co-create solutions for a better skills-learning in schools 4) Exhibition and Mini Concerts from music artists such as IRONBOY, PILLS and DJ FAHSAI.

To Register for the event at Lido Connect – go to this link www.unicef.or.th/d2d then click on “Get Started”.

For more information about UNICEF Dare to Dream Thailand please visit www.unicef.or.th/daretodream

Let your opinion on the Thai education be heard at www.unicef.or.th/d2d

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