Paula Taylor Buttery

Friend of UNICEF since 2013

Paula is playing with a toddler during her field visit

Paula Taylor Buttery

Paula is an experienced actor and model. She has been in the entainment industry since 12 and had work experiences in TV commercials, modelling, TV series and movies.

Paula was very excited to lend her voices for the work for every child with UNICEF Thailand. She partcipated in the field visit to promote breastfeeding and support the early childhood developement. She received an honor plague for her role as Friend of UNICEF who supports UNICEF Thailand in promoting children's rights.

She is now a mother with 3 loveable children and has moved to Hong Kong. Nevertheless, she has not quit her work and also still commits to help UNICEF Thailand on the work for children.

Paula Taylor, Friend of UNICEF, is interacting with a mother and her toddler at the breastfeeding corner.
UNICEF Thailand/2015/Thuentap

The first 1,000 days of life is the most important time for children as their brain develop very rapidly.

Paula Taylor Buttery