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Sansiri Plc.

© Photo coutersy of Sansiri Plc.

Sansiri Public Company Limited is a leading private real estate development company in Thailand that has shown commitment to both improving the well being of children and upholding their rights.

Since July 2010 Sansiri has collaborated with UNICEF in raising awareness on Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD), which have posed serious threats to the development of children for more than 50 years.  The campaign was successful, resulting in  the adoption of  new regulations mandating iodization of all salt for human consumption, and Sasniri continues to help promote the improved well-being of children.  The company has g  adopted  “child-friendly business principles”, and has already carried out several child friendly initiatives both at its headquarters office and at its building sites. out to its business partners to making an impact on society at large. Sansiri has also provided significant financial contributions for UNICEF emergency activities at the global level.

Below  are examples of UNICEF-Sansiri partnership initiatives:

Adopting  child friendly business practices

• Establishment of  a breastfeeding room with  hygienic breast milk storage facilities and a children’s playroom at Sansiri office buildings for Sansiri employees
• Introduced child-care training courses for Sansiri employees
• Supported bringing an end to child labour by signing an  MOU with its contractors that forbids  the use  of child labour within Sansiri’s construction sites
• Established  child-friendly spaces at its  construction sites that allow the  children of construction workers to learn and play

Promoting awareness on children’s rights and actions for children

• Raised awareness on the children’s right to play through the “Let’s Play Together” campaign and provided  sports equipment and training for disadvantaged children
• Co-organized filed visits for popular social media influencers to promote education for ethnic and migrant children in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son provinces
• Is helping UNICEF to  launch a “Best Start” campaign in 2013 in order to promote awareness on the importance of investing in  early childhood development

Advocating for improved national legislation and policies that protect the rights of children

• Promoted  awareness on brain and physical development among children in Thailand as a result of iodine deficiency through the “IODINE PLEASE!” campaign, which was carried out  via mass and digital media as well as through  events
• Promoted 'Universal Salt Iodization' strategy to the government and to the opposition political party, which led to an adoption of four new regulations  requiring iodization of all salts for human consumption in Thailand

Contributing to children worldwide

• Since 2011, Sansiri has donated  $1 million annually to the UNICEF Emergency Fund, which is used to provide  humanitarian assistance to children affected by natural and man-made disasters worldwide, such as earthquakes, floods, and crises due to conflict.








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