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© UNICEF Thailand/2013/Athit Perawongmetha
Paula Taylor and Nichkhun Horvejkul, the first two “Friends of UNICEF” for Thailand.

“Friends of UNICEF” is an initiative of UNICEF Thailand in working with celebrities. It allows UNICEF to work with a group of (selected) celebrities from different industries to help promote the rights of children among different groups of audience. The involvement of Friends of UNICEF can be long-term, short-term or on specific campaigns, depending on their availability and commitment. 

The main roles of Friends of UNICEF include:

• Speak out for children: tell public about the rights of children, the challenges facing children and UNICEF’s agenda

• Engage with the children and UNICEF’s work: visit UNICEF-supported projects, interact with children and learn about children’s issues and UNICEF’s work

• Represent UNICEF-related event including fundraising events

The first two Friends of UNICEF

In April 2013, UNICEF Thailand appointed Paula Taylor and Nichkhun Horvejkul as the first two “Friends of UNICEF” for Thailand.  As Friends of UNICEF, Paula and Nichkhun will help UNICEF promote the rights and well being of children and bring greater public attention to the challenges still facing them in Thailand. They will also assist UNICEF in mobilizing additional resources to meet these challenges. 

Click here for more information on the appointment of Friends of UNICEF and watch a video clip of Nichkhun visiting a street children project in Bangkok and Paula Taylor in Chiang Mai for promoting exclusive breastfeeding



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