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The United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF)

© UNICEF Thailand/2004/Youkonton

The UNPAF is a five-year agreement of cooperation between UN agencies and the governments of the countries in which they work. The most recent UNPAF in Thailand covers the years 2012-2016 and was signed by the government and 20 UN agencies, including UNICEF, in 2011. The agreement guides the preparation and implementation of UN programmes in Thailand.

A study conducted by the UN and the Thai government in 2008 suggested that the role of the UN in Thailand should focus more on more knowledge sharing and  policy advice  rather than specific projects. This is  reflected in the current UNPAF, which now focuses on the UN working in partnership with the Thai government and other stakeholders to provide the highest quality policy advice and other support to Thailand  in a timely, flexibly and efficiently manner.  

The current UNPAF identifies six areas for focused interventions in Thailand. It is aligned with the six development strategies of Thailand’s new 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (NESDP), which are:

• Promoting a  just society
• Developing human resources to promote  life-long learning
• Balancing food and energy security
• Creating a knowledge-based economy and an enabling economic environment
• Strengthening economic and security cooperation in the region
• Managing natural resources and the environment towards sustainability 



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