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Give today to help improving children's lives

You can choose to support UNICEF by making a one-time donation or monthly donations. Monthly donations give UNICEF a predictable income for its programmes. This means that we can design and implement long-term programmes to support the rights of children from conception to 18 years of age, rather than short-term fixes.
The monthly donation is flexible, you decide how much you want to give each month, and you choose the credit card or bank account you want to use. You can stop payments at any time. Your donation is tax deductible.

Please contact us at (+66 2) 356 9299 or email us at unicefthailand@unicef.org for more information.

You can also donate to UNICEF via bank transfer at:

  • Bangkok Bank, Ko Pho Branch, Current Account, Account No. 201-3-01324-4
  • KrungThaiBank, BanglumpooBranch, Current Account, Account No. 167-6-00662-1
  • Bank of Ayudhya, Banglumpoo Branch, Current Account, Account No. 011-0-06153-6
  • Kasikorn Bank, Banglumpoo Branch, Current Account, Account No. 008-1-09766-6
  • Siam Commercial Bank, Banglumpoo Branch, Current Account, Account No. 003-3-10443-3

Please fax pay slip to 02-356-9229 or 02-281-6033 and write "O0018" on the slip. Please also provide your name, address and mobile phone number so we can send you the receipt.

Give today to help improving children's lives

UNICEF works to protect and promote the rights of every child in Thailand and around the world, irrespective of their nationality, gender, religion or ethnicity to:

  • Survival  – to basic healthcare, peace and security;
  • Development  – to a good education, a loving home and adequate nutrition;
  • Protection  – from abuse, neglect, trafficking, child labour and other forms of exploitation; and
  • Participation – to express opinions, be listened to and take part in making any decisions that affect them.

Thailand is firmly established as a middle-income country. Yet huge disparities remain, and the benefits of economic progress have not been equally shared by all children in Thailand. This is particularly true for the children of ethnic minorities, migrants, refugees and the very poor. A large number of children still face many obstacles to claiming their rights to protection and development.  Many children still do not complete a primary school education, and many more do not go on to secondary school.

To protect and support children, UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary contributions from people like you. We receive no financial support from the United Nations budget. Your donation really does make a difference to children’s lives. Every baht is well spent for the benefit of children in need. In 2016, out of every baht donated to UNICEF Thailand, 84 per cent went directly to support our programmes for children. The remaining 16 per cent was used to help us raise more funds for children.

You can verify whether the fundraisers are really UNICEF fundraising team members by asking for their IDs and check against this list.

We are excited to talk with you about UNICEF Thailand and our work for children. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or support on making donation to UNICEF. You can reach us at;

UNICEF Thailand 19 Phra Athit Road, Chanasongkram, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200
Tel: (+66 2) 356 9299
Fax: (+66 2) 356 9229 or (+66 2) 281 6033
Email: unicefthailand@unicef.org
Facebook: @unicefthailand



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