UNICEF works in close partnership with the Royal Thai Government, the private sector, NGOs, faith-based groups, youth groups, local communities and vulnerable children themselves to ensure the realization of the  rights of  all children in Thailand.

Child protection

UNICEF works to keep all children in Thailand safe from abuse, neglect, discrimination, violence and exploitation. We also ensure that laws are enforced and children are protected and treated sensitively by the laws.

UNICEF  focuses on getting  children into school and early childhood education services at the right age,   ensuring that schools  are safe,  clean and provide a quality, relevant education that will prepare children for the future.

UNICEF works to prevent new infections, stop the transmission of HIV from pregnant women to their children, and to protect the rights of orphans and other children affected by or living with HIV/AIDS.

UNICEF has always worked during  emergencies, both natural and man-made, to provide life-saving assistance to affected children  and to protect their rights.

Social policy and advocacy
UNICEF works to increase awareness of child rights and to generate a real commitment to their realization by highlighting critical issues and promoting policies and laws  that will improve children's lives.


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