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UNICEF launches tools to help companies implement the Children’s Rights and Business Principles

Bangkok, 27 January 2014 – UNICEF has released a comprehensive set of tools to help companies implement the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP), which are aimed at ensuring companies better address the impact of their business on the rights and well-being of children.

The tools, designed to “demystify” the CRBP, explain in simple language what children’s rights mean for companies and how they can better respect and support children’s rights in their decisions, activities and relationships with their clients, suppliers and communities. The tools were developed over the past three years through a consultative process with the business community and a wider range of experts and partners.

The CRBP initiative, launched in 2011 by UNICEF and its partners, covers 10 principles with a comprehensive range of actions that all businesses should take to prevent and address any adverse impact on children’s rights, as well as measures businesses are encouraged to take to help advance children’s rights. They are intended for all businesses, regardless of their size, sector, location, ownership or structure.

The CRBP tools launched by UNICEF are:

-Children are Everyone’s Business – Workbook 2.0: provides a framework for companies to integrate children’s rights into business policies and management processes.

-Children’s Rights in Policies and Codes of Conduct: recommends ways for businesses to incorporate children’s rights into their policies and codes of conduct.

-Children’s Rights in Impact Assessments: helps companies assess their performance in meeting their responsibility to respect children’s rights and identifies opportunities to support children’s rights as outlined in the Principles.

-Children’s Rights in Sustainability Reporting: guidance on how companies can integrate child rights considerations into sustainability reporting, going beyond child labour and community investments.

For more information about these tools, visit

For more information, please contact:
Mark Thomas, UNICEF Thailand, 02 356 9481, 081 172 9902,
Pornthida Padthong, UNICEF Thailand, 02 356 9484, 086 567 1778,



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