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Anand Panyarachun: urgent funding needed for Philippines typhoon emergency response

BANGKOK, 18 November 2013 -- UNICEF Ambassador for Thailand Anand Panyarachun Monday called upon the Thai public to provide more funding for emergency relief efforts in the Philippines, saying he was “staggered by the massive devastation from Typhoon Haiyan, the number of children at risk and the level of human suffering they now endure.”

In a statement posted on the UNICEF Thailand website, Anand said: “Some 5.5 million children in the Philippines are in desperate need of our help. UNICEF has mounted a major emergency relief effort and has issued a US$ 61.5 million appeal to fund its response to this epic humanitarian crisis. Please help now so that every child needing assistance can be reached.”

The funds raised through the UNICEF appeal are being used to meet the emergency needs of affected children and their families in typhoon-devastated areas over the next six months.

Assessments show that approximately 13.2 million people have been affected by the powerful typhoon and some 4.4 million people displaced, about 1.8 million of them children. An estimated 1.5 million children are at risk of acute malnutrition, with some 800,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women also in need of nutritional support.

UNICEF redeployed emergency supplies and staff already in the Philippines to affected areas, and UNICEF field offices are being established in Tacloban and other hard-hit areas. More than 30 UNICEF emergency specialists from other countries have been sent to the Philippines to support the relief effort, and tons of additional UNICEF relief supplies – including shelter supplies, medicines, water purification tablets and hygiene kits – have been transported to the country by sea and air.

With the support from UNICEF, USAID and the Philippines Armed Forces, a major water supply system in Tacloban was brought back to full operating capacity on Sunday, and it is now providing safe drinking water to some 200,000 people in the city and six surrounding districts.

UNICEF has been trucking and airlifting water and sanitation supplies to Tacloban and other affected areas to restore access to clean water and reduce the threat of diseases caused by poor sanitation and contaminated water. On November 14, UNICEF delivered eight water storage bladders, 7,000 boxes of water purification tablets and 3,000 boxes of basic hygiene items to Tacloban. UNICEF also helped to construct an emergency waste treatment facility in Tacloban and deployed a suction tanker truck to empty emergency latrines and mobile toilets.

UNICEF also has set up a water treatment unit in Capiz that is now providing 5,000 litres of safe drinking water a day, and has provided several 5,000 litre water tankers to Roxas city for drinking water storage.

In order to treat children suffering from malnutrition, UNICEF is bringing in emergency nutrition supplies and equipment as well as training staff for the establishment of feeding centres. Together with WHO and the government’s Department of Health, UNICEF will carry out a mass measles and polio immunization campaign for children in the coming weeks, starting in Tacloban.  

“When the Indian Ocean tsunami swept across our Andaman Coast some nine years ago, people around the world responded fully to our needs, providing UNICEF with more than US$ 20 million to help children in Thailand,” Anand said. “It is now our turn to respond and to show the world the generosity of the Thai people.”

To make a donation, please call 02 356 9299 or or or transfer to UNICEF Thailand:
Bangkok Bank - Kor Por Branch - 201-3-01324-4
SCB -, Banglumpoo Branch - 003-3-10443-3
KBank -, Banglumpoo Branch - 008-1-09766-6
You can also donate at the 7-Eleven shops. Please fax pay-in slip stating “For the Philippines” together with your details to 02 356 9229 or

More information, please contact:
Mark Thomas, UNICEF Thailand, 02 356 9481 or
Nattha Keenapan, UNICEF Thailand, 02 356 9478 or
Heamakarn Sricharatchanya, UNICEF Thailand, 02 356 9230,



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