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Children under conflict on Thai-Cambodia border

BANGKOK, 27 April 2011 - Two UNICEF Child Protection staff travelled to the  Thai-Cambodia border province of Surin Tuesday to visit evacuation centres and assess the well-being of children in the wake of renewed conflict between Thailand and Cambodia.

On the Thai side of the border, approximately 27,000 villagers have been moved  to 28 evacuation centres. Children are estimated to make up about one quarter of those evacuated.

The evacuation centers have been set up mostly at schools, as students are now on their annual holiday break. The biggest centre is at Nikom Prasat, where 4,450 persons (1,320 men, 2,125 women, 664 girls and 841 boys) are being housed. Other centres have received from 200 to 2,500 people.

The latest round of conflict follows fighting that broke out along the border in February. In February, people remained in the evacuation centres for approximately one week.



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