Total Access Communication PLC (Dtac)

A leading private mobile telephone provider in Thailand

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Total Access Communication PLC (Dtac) has shown commitment to both improving the wellbeing of children and upholding their rights. The collaboration between UNICEF and dtac is largely focused on the use of  dtac l largely focuses on the use of mobile technology to increase awareness of children’s rights among the public and business communities as well as to improve their well-being, and on  promoting  Children's Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) within dtac and among its  partners.  Key activities include:

Children’s  Rights and Business Principles  (CRBP)

• Develop policies to apply the CRBP within dtac and through its supply chain
• Raise awareness of CRBP among dtac staff and encourage staff participation in implementing the CRBP with partners

Birth Registration

• Support for an in-depth survey to  identify barriers to birth registration, and piloting the use of mobile technology to increase understanding of the importance of birth registration, the birth registration process and the follow-up  on non-registered cases

SMS for Families

• Pilot the use of SMS to raise awareness of birth registration among the poorest families and increase knowledge on positive child care practices among parents