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The collaboration between UNICEF and Sansiri began in 2010 to help raise awareness of Iodine Deficiency Disorders, which had posed a serious threat to the development of Thai children for more than fifty years.  The campaign was hugely successful, resulting in new regulations mandating iodization of all salt in Thailand for human consumption.

Sansiri continues to be a pioneer of child rights and an early adopter of child-friendly business principles.

The UNICEF - Sansiri partnership includes:

Advocating for improved national legislation to protect the health of children

  • Promoting the link between iodine and the physical and cognitive development of children
  • Building awareness of the issue by supporting the “IODINE PLEASE!” public campaign
  • Advocating for 'Universal Salt Iodization' resulting in four new regulations in Thailand requiring iodization of all salt for human consumption

Adopting child friendly business practices

  • Establishing a breastfeeding room with hygienic breast milk storage facilities in Sansiri offices
  • Creating children’s playrooms at Sansiri office buildings
  • Introducing child-care training courses for Sansiri employees
  • Committing ending child labour by signing an MOU with all contractors which prevents the use of child labour within Sansiri’s construction sites
  • Establishing child-friendly spaces at their construction sites which allows the children of construction workers to learn and play in safety

Promoting children’s rights

  • Raising the awareness of children’s right to play through the “Let’s Play Together” campaign and provided sports equipment and training for disadvantaged children
  • Co-launching the UNICEF “Best Start” campaign in 2013 to promote awareness on the importance of investing in early childhood development

Ensuring rapid and effective response to emergencies and crises

  • Since 2011 Sansiri has donated $1 million annually to the UNICEF Emergency Fund which has enabled UNICEF to be a first responder when a disaster occurs anywhere in the world.
  • In 2017, through Sansiri support of the emergency fund, UNICEF responded to 337 humanitarian situations. From Haiti to the Horn of Africa from South Sudan to Syria UNICEF provided on the ground support to children and their families. This includes treating 3 million children for serve acute malnutrition, vaccinating 18 million children against measles and providing access to clean drinking water to 32.7 million people.

Recognized Selected Partnership

In 2019, after many years of commitment and with the cumulative donation of $8 million from 2011-2018 to UNICEF, Sansiri has been recognized as Thailand’s first Selected Partner.