30 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

For Every Child, Every Right

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These 4 kids have something they want to say to everyone listening

Mimi - a child who suffered bullying is an advocate for child rights

Nutt - a child who created the 'Klongtoey Society' for a better future of the community

Mint - a child who fights to change students' lives

Dee - a child who takes a stand on the global environment crisis

"Support children, let their voices be heard as they are standing up to make a difference"


A little voice to be heard by all

After all…it’s a little big world for children

We were all children once, and sometimes we cannot help but look back longingly to the times of our childhood. When we see children today, what do we ponder? If we look at the children with our inner childhood’s hearts, we will see that every child is a member of the society who is entitled to every child right. Every child needs a nurturing place where they have rights, are heard and able to participate - just like us.

No child wants to get bullied. They just want the right to express their opinion, to be heard. That’s the opinion of Mimi, a 1st-year university student, project coordinator, and writer who was once bullied by both her teacher and her classmates.

“I nearly took a wrong turn. I’m lucky to have my family to guide me and remind me to keep it together. That’s how I made it through. I want to see other kids in the community make it through as well” This is the confession from Nutt, an 11th-grade student who wants to see his Klongtoey community change for the better.

Almost always, kids’ voices have been ignored in Thai society. How wonderful will it be if these voices can bring positive change we need in the education system? The right to be heard is what Mint, a 12th Grade student, is advocating for her fellow students.

“Fixing environmental issue isn’t a hobby, it is not something we can choose to do or not to do, it should be our responsibility. But right now, most people ignore this issue and the responsibilities seem to fall on a handful of people”. This is the concern from Dee, a 12th Grade student who is advocating for better natural resource management and is taking on global environmental crisis.

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