Real lives

Real lives

Enhancing Inter-ethnic Dialogue and Communication

Students and teachers develop gender awareness in a Child-Friendly School


Children on the move to Europe

Situation Analysis of Children on the Move in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Photos and video material illustrating the refugee crisis 

Helping an Afghan girl hold onto childhood blog by Aleksandar Dimishkovski web and social media consultant at UNICEF Skopje

Yearning for learning photo essay

Tough choices separate Syrian refugee family stranded on the route towards Europe photo essay

Fostering hope in children's crisis photo essay

The European Union: Lifting the Lives of Child Migrants and Refugees in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 

Young Syrians fleeing violence take advantage of mobile apps blog by Lely Djuhari, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS 

Children on the move through Europe dream of a "normal" life, blog by Aleksandar Lazovski, UNICEF Skopje Social Protection Specialist 

The brave Syrian woman who smuggled her grandkids into Europe, blog by Rajae Msefer Berrada, UNICEF Skopje Deputy Representative

The story of Naham and her family on Upworthy

Child refugees and migrants are children first, blog by Suzie Pappas Capovska UNICEF Skopje Communications Officer

We had to leave Syria so that my children could have a life, blog by Christopher Tidey, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS

What you need to know about children on the move to Europe, blog by Marie-Pierre Poirier, the Special Coordinator for the Eefugee and Migrant Crisi in Europe and Regional Director for CEE/CIS



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