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Press releases 2010

Vulnerable children tell their stories in one minute videos (22 November 2010)

Parliament called four Ministers to give evidence at an oversight hearing on implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (2 November 2010)

UNICEF supported study provides a financially feasible plan for a fourfold increase in access to early childhood development services (27 October 2010)

EU and UNICEF kick off support to make the justice system child-friendly (8 October 2010)

UNICEF supports the Ministry of Health to reduce equity gaps in mother and child health care (29 September 2010)

“Child Rights Supersede Party Politics” is the conclusion of a two-day consultation on the role of parliaments in promoting child rights (20/21 September 2010)

Young of Central Asia and Eastern Europe Suffering Blame and Banishment  (19 July 2010)

UNICEF supports ethnically integrated education through extra-curricular programmes in new youth centres (23 June 2010)

UNICEF study calls for more pro-child measures to ensure the burden of difficult economic times is not born by the most vulnerable (31 May 2010)

Government and UNICEF sign a new six-year development programme to address child poverty, disparities and social exclusion (3 March 2010)

Government and UN Launch Programme on Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Dialogue (24 February 2010)



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