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HAVE YOU GOT THE LOVE TO GIVE? Launch of a campaign “Every Child Needs a Family”

Skopje, 1 June 2018:   Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and UNICEF launched a campaign “Every Child Needs а Family” to mobilise support for community based alternatives to institutional care and to recruit new foster families, so that children deprived of parental care grow up in a loving, safe and caring family environment.

To kick off the campaign, young people broke out in a flash mob singing the national classic “Galebe moj tazen” – a song featured in the campaign video - sending a simple but strong message “Have you got the love to give?”.

“The slogan - Every child needs a family - best describes the deinstitutionalization process. A term that seems complex and difficult to understand, but signifies a reform that is extremely humane and necessary in our country,” said Ms. Mila Carovska, Minister of Labour and Social Policy. “Through deinstitutionalization, we want to put an end to placement of children under 3 in large scale institutions by 2020, by providing care in small group homes, foster families or other form of suitable accommodation.”

The campaign aims to mobilise support for alternatives to placing children in large scale institutions and support to end the placement of children under 3 in large scale institutions by 2020. Currently over two hundred children - babies under 3 years, children with disabilities, and children separated from their family because of neglect or abuse – are cared for in large scale institutions in the country.

“When the care of a family is removed, it is heartbreaking for a child and it can also be detrimental to their development; because no matter how equipped, or how good intended the staff are, a large institution can never replace the love and support provided in a family environment,” said Mr. Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative. “With this campaign, we want to help mobilise enough foster parents who have the love to give to children currently cared for in large institutions and to ensure we have a large network of families ready to open their hearts and homes to children who may need care in the future.”

The campaign was used to mark the International day of Parents and the National Foster Parents Day. Using the national classic song, it features a compelling TVC with a simple message “Have you got the love to give?” which will be aired on nine national television and ten regional television stations. In addition to radio, print, billboards and digital ads, the campaign includes different ways for people to join the initiative. Over fifteen national celebrity and social media influencers will join the campaign using their platforms to rally for support.

Over the next two months, open days will be organized in thirty cities together with local municipalities, Centers for Social Work and SOS Children’s village to give citizens from around the country an opportunity to learn more about becoming foster parents.

The initiative is part of Government efforts to ensure every child in the country grows up in a safe and caring family environment by investing in prevention of abandonments and support to biological families; expanding the network of foster families and small group homes for children without parental care; investment in improving the quality of alternative care through standardization, and investment in early detection and intervention of development difficulties.

For further information please contact:

Suzie Pappas Capovska, UNICEF Skopje (02) 3231-244 

Irina Ivanovska, UNICEF Skopje (02) 3231-172  



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