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Press releases 2018

New survey shows society is more open to inclusion of children with disabilities
SKOPJE, 3 December 2018: A new survey on the general public’s knowledge, attitudes and practices toward children with disabilities shows the country has made incredible progress in removing attitudinal barriers that prevent them from taking up their righ

Statement by UNICEF Representative Benjamin Perks
World Children’s Day – celebrated on 20th November – is a global day of action ‘for children’. It’s a day we celebrate childhood and reflect on the enormous responsibility we have as a society to build conditions for our children to flourish and to creat

Young innovators develop solutions to #ENDViolence against and among children as part of a Generation Unlimited – Youth Challenge
Skopje, 19 November 2018 – At a three-day “design thinking” workshop, forty young innovators from around the country, worked with passion to elaborate their design solutions to address violence against and amongst children. Aged between 14 to 24 years, th

Preschool teacher competencies key to quality pre-school education
SKOPJE, 16 November 2018: The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Ms. Mila Carovska, Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Arber Ademi, Deputy Ambassador, British Embassy, Mr. Dominic Otway and UNICEF Representative, Mr. Benjamin Perks today opened a s

Data collection on the situation of children аnd women in the country starting
Skopje, 15 November 2018 – The State Statistical Office in partnership with UNICEF and UNFPA this weekend is starting to collect data on the situation of children and women in the country, for one of the largest international household survey programmes –

“Parenting is also learned” campaign launched to help parents raise happy, healthy and smart children
SKOPJE, 5 November 2018: The Ministries of Labour and Social Policy, Health, and Education and Science, together with the European Union and UNICEF, today launched a campaign titled “Parenting is also learned”. Opening discussion on child development an

Young innovators presented solutions for social challenges
Skopje, 10 October 2018: At a design thinking workshop supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, Bureau for Development of Education, Fund for Innovation and Technological Development and UNICEF, five teams of 13-19 year old young people were gr

New youth challenge launched calling on young innovators to design solutions to #ENDViolence against and among children
Skopje, 2 October 2018 – A new challenge calling on young innovators from across the country to design solutions against violence, bullying and cyber bullying was officially launched today.

SKOPJE, 27 September 2018: At yesterday’s round table discussion “Towards Inclusive Education – directions for reforms” organized by the Ministry of Education and Science and UNICEF, participants from government institutions, Ombudsperson’s Office, acade

Ending poverty must start with children
SKOPJE, 21 September 2018: Over 100,000 children in the country – or 28 per cent of all children - are living in poverty according to latest State Statistical Office data. At today’s conference organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, UNI

Seven countries meet in Skopje to discuss progress for children in the Western Balkans and Turkey
SKOPJE, 19 September 2018 – Over the next two days, representatives from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Kosovo * (UNSCR 1244)[1] have joined colleagues in Skopje at regional meeting to take stock of progress on European Uni

Don’t Let Violence Be an Everyday Lesson
A major challenge for the country in the forthcoming period is to ensure the education system gets back on track and begins to catch up with Balkan and European neighbours. This is key for economic competitiveness and long term social and democratic devel

Half of world’s teens experience peer violence in and around school – UNICEF
NEW YORK, 6 September 2018 – Half of students aged 13 to 15 worldwide – around 150 million – report having experienced peer-to-peer violence in and around school, according to a new report released by UNICEF today.

Patronage nurses join efforts to prevent child abandonment, violence, neglect and dysfunctional parenting
SKOPJE, 9 July 2018: The Association of Nurses and Midwifes, with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) kicked off a new series of training workshops for patronage nurses focused on supporting families in nurturing emotional, social an

Partnership for Youth Social Innovation
Skopje, 20 June 2018: Ministry of Education and Science, Fund for Innovation and Technological Development and UNICEF, today launched a youth social innovation partnership. Through UPSHIFT – a programme that combines leading approaches in youth and adoles

HAVE YOU GOT THE LOVE TO GIVE? Launch of a campaign “Every Child Needs a Family”
Skopje, 1 June 2018: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and UNICEF launched a campaign “Every Child Needs а Family” to mobilise support for community based alternatives to institutional care and to recruit new foster families, so that children deprive

Ministers commit to accelerate action to prevent and protect children from violence
The event was organized to launch a new study “Prevention, identification, reporting, referral and protection in cases of violence against children - An overview of the national response mechanisms”. It sheds light on the fact that the prevalence of viole

Fostering innovation in education - Inno4Edu camp
SKOPJE, 7 May 2018: UNICEF in partnership with SmartUp - Social Innovation Lab launched an eighteen day Inno4Edu Camp this weekend, bringing together a group of 40 young innovators to develop prototype solutions for ideas generated at a three-day hackatho

Children kick off the marathon weekend in Skopje running for Schools free of Violence
SKOPJE, 5 May 2018 – On Saturday, 5 May over 500 children from all elementary schools in Skopje opened the marathon weekend at the 2018 “Children’s Mini Marathon” with a message on the need to create schools free of violence.

Statement by UNICEF Representative, Benjamin Perks on Violence in Schools
SKOPJE, 16 April 2018: “UNICEF notes with concern the situation of violence against and among children in schools in this country. The recent incident involving students in Negotino elementary school “Goce Delcev” is compelling evidence of the need to r

Positive parenting for raising happy and successful children
SKOPJE, 27 March 2018: The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mila Carovska and UNICEF Deputy Representative, Elspeth Erickson launched the positive parenting material “Fair Parent-Fair Child” developed to help parents in nurturing care giving and rais

Better nutrition for children in kindergartens and schools for quality early child growth and development
Skopje, 9 March 2018: The Minister of Education and Science, Renata Deskoska, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska, UNICEF Representative, Benjamin Perks and Deputy Minister of Health Goce Cakarovski addressed the participants at the wor

First major step taken towards universal access to quality pre-school education
SKOPJE, 6 March 2018: The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mila Carovska and UNICEF Representative, Benjamin Perks today opened a three-day strategic workshop to conduct a systematic analysis of the pre-school education system and develop a road map

Every Child Alive - OpEd by UNICEF Representative Benjamin Perks
SKOPJE, 20 February 2018 - "Perhaps the single biggest responsibility any society has is to it’s children. The world now has a very simple way of measuring what each country is doing for it’s youngest citizens. It is the newborn mortality rate - the numbe

World is failing newborn babies, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 20 February 2018 – Global deaths of newborn babies remain alarmingly high, particularly among the world’s poorest countries, UNICEF said today in a new report on newborn mortality. Babies born in Japan, Iceland and Singapore have the best chanc

Statement by UNICEF Representative, Benjamin Perks on the abuse of a child in care of the state
SKOPJE, 16 February 2018 -Today the whole country has been saddened to learn of the abuse of a child in care of the state. A full investigation is underway and those found guilty of abuse or negligence must be brought to justice. While the abuse took plac

More than 175,000 children go online for the first time every day, tapping into great opportunities, but facing grave risks
NEW YORK, 6 February 2018 – More than 175,000 children go online for the first time every day – a new child every half second – UNICEF said today. Digital access exposes these children to a wealth of benefits and opportunities, but also to a host of risks



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