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Flying High For Kids Hot Air Balloon visits 500 children at the inclusive primary school Lazo Angelovski in Skopje

Skopje, 8 May 2017: Some five hundred children from Lazo Angelovski Primary School, Skopje were overjoyed when a giant UNICEF branded hot air balloon was inflated in their schoolyard. Waving their own banners and flags with messages of peace and happiness, the children from the inclusive school were thrilled to be part of a global initiative to bring hope to children around the world.

“No matter where they are from, every child has hopes and dreams,” said Ms. Elspeth Erickson, UNICEF Deputy Representative. “Some dream of leading happy and meaningful lives, others of being included in society, while some yearn for peace and security. No matter where they are from, no matter where they are, children are children first and they all need a fair chance and support to fulfil their dreams.”

Launched in December 2013, the “Flying High For Kids” initiative aims to visit more than 100 countries before the end of 2018. Led by Andrew Parker, a hot air balloonist from New Zealand, the global project aims to: encourage discussion of children's rights all around the world; engage children in cultural exchange and understanding through an international postcard swap; bring joy to those visited, especially those who have never seen a balloon before; and dare children to follow their dreams.

“I've been to 55 countries so far, this is the 56th and I can tell you for sure, everywhere I went, children are the same. They are all big dreamers and they deserve to be supported no matter how big their dreams are,” said Mr. Parker during a discussion with eighth graders.

"It was a pleasure for P.S. "Lazo Angelovski" from the Municipality of Aerodrome to be part of "Fly high for Kids”. Not only were children extremely excited and happy, they are also glad to have participated in the cultural exchange, through postcards and posters sent messages to unknown friends from other countries to promote children's rights,” said Dr. Milka Timcevska, Director of Lazo Angelovski Primary School. “Thanks to UNICEF and to Mr. Andrew Parker for this exciting day, a day to remember."

Learn more about it here:

For more information please contact: Suzie Pappas Capovska, UNICEF Skopje (02) 3231-150 (ext: 127), 072 236 725 or or Irina Ivanovska, UNICEF Skopje (02) 3231-150 (ext: 107), 072 236 722 or



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