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Children from Jargulica now have the opportunity to attend pre-school

VILLAGE JARGULICA, RADOVIS, 19 Feb 2014: Thanks to the new early childhood development centre opened as part of the initiative “the first 5 are the most important”, children aged 3 to 6 year old from the village Jargulica now have the opportunity to attend quality pre-school programmes.  

The center was officially opened by Mr. Sasko Nikolov, Major of Radovis,  Ms. Rajae Msefer Berrada, UNICEF Deputy Representative  and Ms. Lea Lipsa, President of the Foundation T -Mobile for Macedonia today at a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

“This new early childhood development centre highlights that municipalities don’t need to make a big investment to make a big difference. We have put to good use underutilised space in the primary school, so that our youngest children from Jargulica have the same opportunities as their peers from the town of Radovis,” said Mr. Sasko Nikolov, Major of Radovis. 

Located twelve kilometres from Radovis, Jargulica is a small village with some two hundred households. With the nearest kindergarten a drive twenty minutes away, the young children in Jargulica were among the 70 per cent of children in the country missing out on pre-school. 

“Early childhood development centres best serve communities that are unlikely to have a kindergarten, such as rural and marginalized communities,” said Ms. Rajae Msefer Berrada, UNICEF Deputy Representative. “They are a proven cost effective model introduced in the most recent changes in the law.”  

In addition to providing the physical space, the municipality also is covering the salary cost of the educator and the operating costs for the centre, making the service free for all children in the village.  

In Jargulica, part of the $50,000 US donated by the Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia were used to equip the centre with furniture, toys and learning materials, and train educators on how to implement the most modern methods of early childhood development.   

"More children from rural and marginalised communities are now being given the opportunity to attend quality early childhood development programmes, but our goal is to provide it to all children in Macedonia,” said Ms. Lea Lipsha, President of the Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia.

As part of the campaign “The first five are the most important”, municipalities are called on to partner with UNICEF, and companies and individuals to donate to further expand the network of services in communities that need them most. Companies can “adopt and early childhood centre” while individuals can make a 100 denar donation with a call to 070/075/077 143 555.  

To find out more about “The first five are the most important” visit or follow and




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