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Municipality of Dolneni opens its first ever pre-school school service

A child in the ECD center in Desovo village.

 VILLAGE DESOVO, MUNICIPALITY DOLNENI, 3 March 2014: At a red-ribbon ceremony today, Dr. Boshe Milosheski, Mayor of Dolneni, and Dr. Bertrand Desmoulins, UNICEF Representative officially opened an early childhood development centre in the village of Desovo, making it the first pre-school service available in the entire municipality. 

Desovo is one of 37 villages in the Municipality of Dolneni, which up until today, did not have any pre-school service, be it a kindergarten or early childhood centre.  

“In the past, opening a kindergarten was not possible for our municipality,” said Dr. Boshe Milosheski, Mayor of Dolneni. “Thanks to this cost effective model, children from Desovo will be the first children in the Municipality of Donlneni to attend an organised pre-school programme.”

Currently kindergarten services are available in only 45 of the 80 municipalities, and mainly in urban cities. Unfortunately, for many municipalities opening a kindergarten is not possible due to the associated costs for the municipality and parents.  Recent reforms introducing diversified services, now provide alternatives.

“Establishing pre-school services should not been seen as a cost, but an investment in human capital, economic and social development,” said Dr. Bertrand Desmoulins, UNICEF Representative. “With recent reforms, municipalities are now converting unused space in primary schools and health clinics to bring services to communities that need them most.”

The early childhood development centre in Desevo, is the third centre opened as part of the initiative “the first 5 are the most important”.   The first two were opened in the village Selce, Municipality of Tetovo and village Jargulica, Municipality of Radovis. With funds donated by Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia at least eight centres will be opened.

“The investment needed to ensure all children in Macedonia get equal opportunities to quality early childhood development is not big,” said Ms. Lea Lipsha, President of the Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia. “We hope the centres opened so far will serve as models for other municipalities and private companies to get involved.” 

As part of the campaign “The first five are the most important”, municipalities are called on to partner with UNICEF, and companies and individuals to donate to further expand the network of services in communities that need them most. Companies can “adopt and early childhood centre” by covering set up costs, while individuals can make a 100 denar donation with a call to 070/075/077 143 555.  

To find out more about “The first five are the most important” visit or follow and

For more information, please contact: Suzie Pappas Capovska, UNICEF Skopje (02) 3231-150 (ext: 127), 072 236 725 or or Irina Ivanovska (02) 3231-150 (ext: 107), 072  236 722 or



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