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Early Child Development through Innovative Media and Materials

February 2009, Skopje: As part of the Early Childhood Development programme, UNICEF organized an interactive workshop titled Promoting Holistic Early Child Development through Innovative Media and Materials. Some eighty early childhood development professionals and local creative talent came together to learn about the latest research on how young children develop and learn, what parents, caregivers and families should do to best support their development and learning and the most effective media in support of early child development.

Building on examples of effective international media, the workshop participants developed a series of proto-type materials based on the recently developed early learning and development standards (ELDS) that set out what children should know and be able to do during their first 6 years of life. While the materials and media are designed primarily for children, they model behaviour and action for parents and caregivers to learn how to stimulate their child’s holistic development (physical health, motor, cognitive, social and emotional development, approaches to learning).

Click on the links to download copies of the some of the proto-type materials developed at the workshop.

Children's Books


My Senses is a photo-based book that promotes cognitive development and general knowledge acquisition sciences where children use senses to gain information about their surrounding through observation and manipulation.  It also provides caregivers information on how children’s senses develop.

I want to be… is a photo-based book for children and their caregivers.  It promotes social-emotional development where children develop the concept of self and believe in their own abilities.  In a playful way it provides children with positive models of what their future can include.  It explicitly sends a message that any child can have dreams and aspirations and implicitly that all children are equal.

Did you know that when a father takes an active part in their children’s life that children grow up to be healthier, more confident and do better in school? Me and Daddy  is an illustrated book for children with tips for caregivers. It shows how a father can nurture a child’s learning and development in very simple ways through the magic of everyday moments.

Through curiosity and initiative, a child from infancy to 6 years can learn many things.  What is that shining in the sky  is an illustrated book for children with tips for caregivers designed to stimulate curiosity and taking initiative among children 0-6 years of age. 

Mummy's Cuddle is an illustrated book with tips for caregivers designed to promote holistic development through responsive care of a loving and playful mother.  The story also sends a message about diversity by showing the relationship between a mother who is disabled and does the most important thing a mother can do with the child-responsive care and relationship.   

I’m not afraid of the dark is an illustrated book that provides some tips for parents and caregivers to help children overcome everyday fears. Children fear doctors, thunders, bath, darkness, etc... The book shows how the mother can help the child overcome the fear though play and provides caregivers practical examples of how to positively deal with these emotions. 



Learning to read since I was a baby is a photo-based poster promoting language development, literacy and communication skills.  In a simple way it demonstrates how important it is for parents to start reading to the child as early as in the first months of life. This gives the child the foundation for successful reading and communication, but the actual act of reading is also a special opportunity for creating a emotional relationship between the parent and the child.   The poster available in EnglishMacedonian, Turkish.

From the first day… is an illustrated poster that provides simple examples for parents and caregivers on how that can use everyday situations as opportunities for learning for their young children.  It emphasizes that learning begins at birth and that the parent is the child’s best teacher. English and Albanian translations are included in this presentation.



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