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Breast Feeding

Did you know...

That breast milk is the best food and drink for a baby?

No other food or drink is needed for the first six months of life.

Breast milk helps to protect babies against dangerous diseases.

 Bottle Feeding

Did you know bottle-feeding can cause serious illnesses?

It can cause diarrhoea because it is difficult to sterilize the bottle and water.

Diarrhoea drains too much liquid from the baby's body.

Then you need to give the baby plenty of liquid to drink.

Suitable drinks for a baby with Diarrhoea

  • breast milk

  • soups

  • rice water

  • fresh fruit juices

  • weak teas

  • oral rehydration salts solutions (ORS) in safe water.

To be sure the water is safe it needs to be either chlorinated or boiled.

If ORS is not available you can make a similar drink.

Take four level teaspoons of sugar

And half a level teaspoon of salt.

Dissolve this in one litre of clean water.

 Safe Water and Nutritious Food

Do you drink safe water?

If you don't know, find out if water has been well boiled or chlorinated.

Do you have nutritious food to eat?

Explain to those responsible that it is very important for everyone's health to drink safe water and eat good food.

"I have the right to be fed"
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

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