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The Teacher The Learner Environment
What Makes a Good Teacher?

Teaching Styles for Active Learning
- Observing the sugar cane plant
- Co-operative learning
- Forward with co-operation
- What can be done?
- Field visits for active learning
- Themes for active learning
- Learning Games from Vietnam
- Learning Games from the Web

Managing the active classroom
- Coaching peer-learning teams

Active assessment for active learning
- CHILD Project
- Focus on learning outcomes
- Linking learning to standards
  - observation
  - learner work samples
  - checklists of learning
  - tests and quizzes
  - self-assessment & journals
  - conferences and interviews

The Right to Education
- It's Only Right
- What is the CRC?
- Help Children learn about rights
- Children's rights and parents
- Implications of the CRC
- Take a Child-Friendly Approach
- Voices of Youth

Building Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values
- Children learn from experience
- Children construct meaning
- Interpersonal skills
- Constructive learning
- Games about co-operation
- Maths skills and concepts
- Language skills
- Tips for teaching writing
- Social studies skills
- Science: The world around us

The Life Skills Approach
Handouts and Talking Points
Teachers Forum Interviews:
- Life Skills in Armenia
- Life Skills in Vietnam
- Life Skills in Vietnam Part 2

Many pathways of learning
- Different kinds of thinking...
- Learning in perspective
- The seven intelligences
- Multiple Intelligences
- Signs of learning styles

Learners and development
- The growth of the mind
- Gender and learning
- Ten tips: Disabilities
- Ten tips: Child Labour

What Makes a Child-Friendly Learning Environment?

Learning in society
- Unmet needs, rights unfulfilled

Learning and the community
- Teachers and communities
- Involving families in learning
- Communities help schools
- Community life, holidays...
- Ten tips: improve schools

Values, attitudes, and behaviours: The essential environment
- Ten tips: nutrition
- Ten tips: health

The classroom space
- Arranging classrooms
- Centres of learning

Organising time
- Weekly schedules
- Daily schedules
- Managing time...

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  • Advocating for a Child-Friendly Approach (Interactive Reflection)
       - Part 2: Personal Reflection & Goal-Setting

  • The Teachers Forum - Interviews with Teachers

    Interviews from 2004

    Interviews from 2003

    Interviews from 2002

    Interviews from 2001

    Interviews from 2000

    Interviews from 1999

    Education Articles from UNICEF
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    Feature Sections

    Girls' Education
    - Direct Links to TTAL content on this topic

    Accelerating Progress in Girls' Education: Towards Robust and Sustainable Outcomes
    - Strategies for accelerating progress in Girls' Education in order to meet the goal of gender equality in primary and secondary education by 2005.

    Barriers to Girls' Education, Strategies and Interventions
    - Areas for analysis, possible findings / causes, broad strategies and possible interventions
    - Also available in PDF version

    Through the Eyes of the Children
    - Art and writings by children in East Timor

    I Wish...
    - The Children's Wishbook from Somalia
    - Translated to Spanish

    Children as Community Researchers
    Teacher's Guide
    Module 1
    Module 2
    Module 3
    Case Studies
    How-to / Help Pages

    Child Protection
    - Introduction
    - Participation
    - Access
    - Prevention
    - Discipline and Violence
    - Instability

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