Child Protection

A child is endowed with fundamental human rights -- the right to life; good health; protection from violence, abuse and discrimination; education; and an adequate standard of living. The survival and well-being of today's children is inseparably linked to the peace of tomorrow's world. However, there are still a lot of children who are suffering from malnutrition, ill health, inadequate or no schooling, poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water -- and gender discrimination and abuse. You may know some of them.

In 1998 in Zambia, a girl fills a bucket with stones she has broken with a hammer to sell for use in construction in Lusaka, the capital.

The purpose of the following Web pages is to provide teachers with background information and activities that support child protection. After a brief introduction five meaningful dimensions are addressed:

It is important that all children have the opportunity to learn to participate in programmes that directly affect their lives. The principle behind participation is empowerment. Particpation is a right. It gives children tools for action. Teachers need to respond by giving opportunities for participation.

Education must be available without discrimination. Everyone in the community needs to reach out to those that have been underserved.

The goals of prevention are to get rid of all kinds of abuse related to children and to help children and young adolescents make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Discipline and Violence
Discipline is important in every classroom. Teachers and students need to maintain order so that the work of learning can be done. Conflict will always be part of our lives. The question is what we do with the conflict. New models and techniques of conflict resolution can be used in schools and in the family.

Education is a means for providing stability and normality to those children caught in natural and human-made emergencies.

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