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UNICEF has taken as its mission the improvement of life for the world's women and children. One aspect of this work is to help teachers better serve the students under their care.

Although the obstacles confronting teachers sometime seem overwhelming, it's important to focus on what we do know and can do to support student learning.

What works best in one situation, however, may need adjustment to flourish equally in another. Through the power of the Internet, we can now bring our questions and ideas to an online community of teachers in the field.

Finally, to promote reflection and the discussion of promising practices, we've compiled an extensive collection of information relating to majority world children and educational strategies. Explore these links. And, again, as you encounter ideas or questions through your reading, please feel free to bring them to the online community we've formed to Discuss Issues.

Articles, Opinions, and Research

The Right to Education
- It's Only Right
- What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?
- Helping young people learn about their rights
- Children's rights and parents
- Implications of the CRC for Education Activities Sponsored by UNICEF
- Interactive Reflection: "Why So Child-Friendly?"
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- Voices of Youth - online discussion
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Building Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values
- Children learn best from experience
- Children actively construct their own meaning
- Interpersonal skills for learning
- Beliefs about a constructive learning environment
- Games about co-operation
- Mathematics skills and mathematics concepts
- Language: Listening and reading, speaking and writing
- Tips for teaching writing
- Social studies: The world we make
- Science: The world around us

The Life Skills Approach
Handouts and Talking Points
Teachers Forum Interview: Using the Life Skills Approach in Armenia
Teachers Forum Interviews: Life Skills Teaching Experience in Vietnam and Part 2

Many pathways of learning
- Different kinds of thinking, learning, and knowing
- Learning in perspective
- The concept of seven intelligences
- Background on using Multiple Intelligences
- Signs of learning styles

Learners and development
- The growth of the mind
- Gender and learning
- Ten messages about children with disabilities
- Ten Tips for Teachers in responding to Child Labour

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