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Teachers are good learners. One important piece to effective learning is having access to practical, clear, and compelling information. In this area of the Teachers Talking about Learning web site, we've collected current articles, opinions, and research about teaching and learning. You'll see that it's divided into the three key areas:

If you are the type of person who learns best on your own, feel free to explore the wealth of information in the links above. If you learn best by talking with colleagues, you can view the archived online dialogue located at the Discuss Issues branch of this web site. Last, if you learn best by doing, Take Action with a variety of online activities.

Other Ideas to Explore

Barriers to Girls' Ed Barriers to Girls' Education, Strategies and Interventions Explore such areas for analysis as direct and indirect costs, then view the possible findings / causes, broad strategies and possible interventions (Also available in PDF version).

I WishA Wishbook from Somalia engages adults and children in ideas and activities that support children's rights and education. Explore a variety of vignettes and activities that highlight rights guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

What Makes a Good Teacher?
Read what people think makes a good teacher. Also feel free to add your own ideas that can get posted to the Web page for others to read.

Teachers Talking Forum
The first Forum features interviews with successful teachers in the Philippines. Read about their experiences and how they work through situations faced by teachers the world over.

Games from Around the World
Children enjoy playing games. We've posted a few learning games that you can try.

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