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image 941359 To learn by reading and doing activities is fine, but sometimes a few challenging or supportive words from a colleague can provide the motivation needed to develop a truly meaningful understanding.

With this in mind, one of the key features of this Web site is the Teachers Talking Online Community where we discussed issues of teaching and learning.

You can use the topics below to begin a discussion with your local colleagues or view the archived discussion.

What Makes a Good Teacher?
Read what people think makes a good teacher. Also feel free to add your own ideas that can get posted to the Web page for others to read.

Teachers Talking Forum
The first Forum features interviews with successful teachers in the Philippines. Read about their experiences and how they work through situations faced by teachers the world over.

Games from Around the World
Children enjoy playing games. When they help students learn important knowledge, skills, attitudes, or behaviours, games contribute to a positive and active learning environment.

Interactive Reflection: Why So Child-Friendly?
Decide for yourself if a child-friendly approach is needed. After uncover the facts and reflecting on your own goals, you might want to share your ideas with colleagues.

Voices of Youth, another UNICEF Web site, runs a long-standing and popular Web discussion for students and teachers that might be valuable to you as well.

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