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  Explore Ideas... 
Explore Ideas TTAL offers a collection of articles: briefings and overviews on the Rights of Children; teaching strategies aligned with a Child-Friendly approach; and overviews on related learning theories. Some main links are provided below.
The Teacher
What Makes a Good Teacher?
Teaching Styles for Active Learning
Managing the active classroom
Active assessment for active learning
The Learner
The Right to Education
Building Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values
The Life Skills Approach
Many pathways of learning
The Learning Environment
What Makes it Child-Friendly?
Learning and the community
Values, attitudes, and behaviours
The classroom space
Organising time
  Discuss Issues...
Discuss IssuesFor five years teachers from around the world posted questions, shared strategies, and invited participation in their projects. you can view the archived discussion.

  Take Action... 
Take Action TTAL featured activities to encourage Child-Friendly approaches in daily classroom teaching. Some activities might inspire student creativity and self-expression; provide detailed rationale for action; or argue strategies for Girls' Education.
Activities for Students
Children as Community Researchers
A Children's Wishbook
Through the Eyes of the Children
Multigrade and Bilingual Classes in VietNam
These Trees
Games from Around the World
Handbooks for Teachers & Educators
Child Protection
Compendium on Quality in Basic Education
On Girls' Education
Accelerating Progress in Girls' Education
Barriers to Girls' Education, Strategies and Interventions
  Teachers' Forum

Selected Interviews
from 1999 - 2004

One of the most powerful features of TTAL was the ongoing interviews with practising classroom teachers and educators in non-formal settings. the interviewees spoke in their own voices from their own experiences, often detailing the creative solutions they devised to overcome the obstacles they faced. Below are just some of the complete list and descriptions of all five years of TTAL interviews.
Bringing the World into the Classroom
Teaching to Give in Mexico
Peace-Building in Aceh
Opening Doors for Girls in Pakistan
Improving Girls' Education in Eritrea
Progress on Girls Education in Malawi
Girl-Child Education in Ghana
Supporting Girls in East Timor
Early Marriage and Girls' Education in Ethiopia
A Face and a Memory for Each Student
The CHILD Project in Thailand
Life as a School Inspector in Western Tanzania
Teaching Children as Community Researchers
Integrated Primary Education in India
Educating Street-based Children in Rwanda
Addressing Children's Needs in Kosovo
Multiple Ways of Teaching and Learning in Bangladesh
Working to Improve Teaching in south Sudan
Focusing on Student Success in Shanghai
An Interview with Mary Futrell
Multiple Intelligences in Pakistan
Using the Life Skills Approach in Armenia
Changing Classrooms - Changing Attitudes
Revisiting "Education for All"
Teaching Visually Impaired Students in Poland
Active Assessment in the Philippines
Supporting Teacher Development in Thailand
Life Skills Teaching Experience in Vietnam

(See the entire collection of interviews)


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