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What would your world be like without trees? Many trees may grow near your home or you may live in an area where trees few and far between. Either way, it's likely that trees have played an important part in the history of your country. Trees often become the walls of our homes and schools. Sometimes they fuel industries and manufacturing. Most likely trees have inspired people in your land to write poetry and paint works that capture the beauty or importance of your country's trees.

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In addition, trees frequently symbolise such things as growth and learning. This is why we use a tree to represent the Teachers Talking Web site. In These Trees, students from around the world can explore and express what local trees mean to them.

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Ancient  Tree So that students can begin to make contact with others around the world, this project encourages teachers and students who live in remote regions to share what they know about their community and to explore what students in the global community have to offer.

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(the basis for this project comes from the Multigrade and Bilingual Classes in VietNam, Module 5, Ministry of Education and Training, VietNam, and UNICEF VietNam, Hanoi, VietNam, 1998.)

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