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Learning Games and Activities

Comments from students suggest that part of what makes a good teacher is a willingness to be open to students' interests and needs. This may involve understanding how to support a constructive learning environment and to adopt teaching styles for active learning. One way to encourage students and to effectively manage the active classroom is through the use of Learning Games. This is an easy step that can provide an active change of pace in classroom life.

Three examples are posted on this Web site: Fruit Salad, Compliment Beanbag, and Characteristics Cube.

You can also find more games and active lessons at such online locations as the The Educator's Reference Desk site. Below are come from this site that you might consider:

Paper Clip Game
give students first hand experience learning the value of rules

Rain, a Native American Activity
recreate the sounds of local weather and encourage other imitations

Assorted Creative Thinking Activities
choose from a series of open-ended tasks that encourage students toward creative problem solving

Free Standing Structure
challenge students to use simple supplies to build the most effective structure

Getting to Know You
get to know about each other with this simple activity for learning students names and interests

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