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Although some people learn best by exploring ideas and others by discussing issues, many do better when they engage in active learning. Through active learning, information is often retained longer because it uses questions and hands-on tasks to connect new material to a learner's prior knowledge.

This branch of Teachers Talking about Learning will provide you with interactive quizzes and tools as well as some online projects you could help students participate in.

Interactive Pages and Online Projects

Interactive Reflection: Advocating for A Child-Friendly Approach

 Advocating for a Child-Friendly approachOnce you've been through a few pages here at Teachers Talking, you will quickly see that we believe a child-friendly approach must be taken to educate and support students. Although many people would agree, we want you to decide for yourself. That's why we created Advocating for A Child-Friendly Approach, an interactive reflection.

In this interactive page, you can test your knowledge of what life is like for children in some majority world situations. After writing your own professional development goals, you might want to Discuss Issues that arise with our online community of world-wide educators.

 These Trees

These Trees, a global gallery

Designed for the Teachers Talking web site, this project builds on Module 5 of the handbook for Multigrade and Bilingual Classes in Viet Nam. To help students to make contact with others around the world, "These Trees" encourages teachers and students who live in remote regions to share what they know about their community and to explore what students in the global community have to offer. Look for the teacher's guide and the Interactive Handout to help get started quickly.

Games from Around the World
Children enjoy playing games. When they help students learn important knowledge, skills, attitudes, or behaviours, games contribute to a positive and active learning environment. We've posted a few games you can try and links to others on the Internet.

I WishA Wishbook from Somalia engages adults and children in ideas and activities that support children's rights and education. Explore a variety of vignettes and activities that highlight rights guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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