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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention

Steps for implementation



Case Study 1: South Africa - The Fragility of the Children’s Rights Agenda [Word 89kb]

Case Study 2: Bulger and the UK: The Media, the Public and the Government’s Reaction [Word 72kb]

'Child Protection Policies and Procedures Toolkit: How to Create a Child-Safe Organisation', Elanor Jackson and Marie Wernham, ChildHope, 2005
Front cover [Pdf 201kb] Introduction [Pdf 90kb] Stage 1 [Pdf 162kb] Stage 2 [Pdf 119kb] Stage 3 [Pdf 148kb] Stage 4 [Pdf 119kb] Stage 5 [Pdf 89kb] Stage 6 [Pdf 86kb] Appendices 1-15 [Pdf 137kb] Appendices 16-30 [Pdf 302kb]

Framework for monitoring an individual child’s progress from the ‘Juvenile Justice Alternatives Project’ in Tajikistan

'Guide to the Establishment and Implementation of the Juvenile Justice Alternatives Project' (Children's Legal Centre and UNICEF Tajikistan)

Introduction letter for a child entering a diversion programme (Malawi) [Word 22kb]

‘Justice for Children: Diversion and Alternative Measures - Workshop Report, January 2009’, Child Protection Section, UNICEF Afghanistan [Pdf 541kb]

Malawi checklist for diversion processes [Word 38kb]

Malawi factsheet on Child (Care, Protection and Justice) Bill 2006, UNICEF Malawi (full version) (summary version)

Malawi factsheet on diversion of children in conflict with the law, UNICEF Malawi [Pdf 303kb]

Malawi MOU between National Juvenile Justice Forum and Youthnet and Counselling (YONECO) NGO [Word 40kb]

Malawi referral letter from court to NGO implementing diversion programme [Word 28kb]

Malawi register of children screened for diversion [Word 30kb]

Malawi report from NGO implementing diversion to court on child's completion of diversion programme [Word 26kb]

NGO reports on a child completing a diversion programme (Malawi & South Africa)

Police guidelines on detention as a last resort, Chris Graveson, Inspector, National Co-ordinator : Youth Aid, New Zealand Police, 2009

'Police Training on Child Rights & Child Protection: Lessons Learned and Manual', Marie Wernham, with Savina Geerinckx and Elanor Jackson, 2005 [Pdf 3.9Mb]

'Prove it! The need for quality research, documentation and statistics as evidence for advocacy and programming', Marie Wernham, paper for the First World Congress on Restorative Juvenile Justice, 4-7 November 2009 [Pdf 278kb]

Psycho-social report to assess and recommend child for diversion (Malawi) [Word 34kb]

‘Reforming Child Law in South Africa: Budgeting and Implementation Planning’, Ann Skelton for UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, reprint 2009

'Sample child protection legislative review framework'

Sample individual case files (Mongolia, South Africa & Kyrgyzstan)

Sample police pocket handbooks, police posters and murals [Word 2.6Mb]

Social Inquiry Report format (Afghanistan)

South Africa - 'NICRO Diversion Options', L.M. Muntingh and R. Shapiro (eds), National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Rehabilitation of Offenders (NICRO), 1997 [Pdf 174kb]

Statements by the child in conflict with the law and their parent/guardian (diversion) (South Africa)

Tajikistan: Guide to the Establishment and Implementation of the Juvenile Justice Alternatives Project, Children's Legal Centre and UNICEF [Word 605kb]

'The Media and Children's Rights', Mediawise and UNICEF, 2005, [Pdf 369kb]

'The Role of Statistics and Public Opinion in the Implementation of International Juvenile Justice Standards', Carolyn Hamilton and Rachel Harvey, The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations, Helsinki, 2005 [Pdf 128kb]

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