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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention

Resources Specifically Created for the Toolkit

• Diagrams
• Reference documents
• Research compilations
• Project examples
• Learn more 
• 'Bigger picture diagram': "How do diversion & alternatives fit into the bigger picture of children in conflict with the law, justice for children & child protection?” [Powerpoint 70kb]
• 'Prevention pyramid & stages of intervention': "Priorities for intervention to reform justice systems for children in conflict with the law"[Powerpoint 114kb]
• 'Diversion, alternatives, restorative justice & a child rights-based approach': “Help! I’m still confused! What’s the relationship between diversion, alternatives, restorative justice & a child rights-based approach?” [Powerpoint 71kb]
• 'Indicator diagram': 'Planning & implementation: participatory development of indicators' [Word 354kb]

Reference documents
• "Glossary of terms relevant to children in conflict with the law" [Word]
• "International human rights instruments relevant to diversion and alternatives to detention – summary of provisions and commentary" [Word 329kb]
• 'Excerpts from international guidelines on professionalism' [Word 37kb]
• "Top 10 reasons to promote diverison and alternatives" [Word 65kb]
• ‘What are the costs involved for diversion & alternatives compared to detention?' [Word 50kb]
• ‘Systemic approach to diversion and alternatives: mapping and planning tool’ [Word 190kb]

Research compilations
• ‘Compilation of evidence showing positive cost benefits of diversion and alternatives compared to detention’ [Word 157kb]
• ‘Compilation of evidence showing reduced recidivism’ [Word 233kb]
• ‘Compilation of evidence showing positive victim/survivor impact’ [Word 83kb]

Project examples
• Full summary table of diversion and alternatives project examples from around the world [Word 272kb]
• Sample project descriptions for diversion [Word 56kb]
• Sample project descriptions for alternatives to detention [Word 83kb]
• Sample project descriptions for restorative justice [Word 74kb]

Learn more
• 'Learn more about restorative justice'[Word 119kb]
• 'Learn more about a child rights-based approach'[Word 435kb]
• 'Learn more about adolescent brain research'[Word 62kb]
• 'Learn more about basic child development and psychology' [Word 518kb]



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