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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention



Useful Diagram

This is an annotated and animated venn diagram consisting of three powerpoint slides.

The first slide:
• Summarises what diversion, alternatives, restorative justice and a child rights-based approach mean;
• Shows how they are distinct concepts, even though they often overlap with each other;
• Highlights what we should be aiming for ('child rights-based approaches to diversion and alternatives' as a minimum, and 'child rights-based, restorative justice approaches to diversion and alternatives' where possible and appropriate).

The second & third slides:
• Give some simple examples to demonstrate what the concepts and overlaps might look like in practice.

Download the 'useful diagram' powerpoint 
See also the 'What are diversion and alternatives?' / 'Examples of diversion & alternatives' section of the toolkit for more details.

These slides / diagrams should be viewed alongside the 'definition & discussion' sections of this toolkit which explain each of the concepts in more detail, as well as the detailed 'child rights-based approach' section which is included in the 'How do we do diversion and alternatives? / Main principles' area of the toolkit.

This diagram can also be accessed directly from the main left hand menu in the 'key reference documents' section.

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