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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention

About the toolkit



This toolkit is the result of a collaborative process, initiated in UNICEF by Anne Grandjean (Child Protection Specialist – Justice for Children) and circulated widely to UNICEF and other colleagues internationally for contributions and comment. It was written by Marie Wernham (Consultant for CREATE: Child Rights Evaluation, Advice & Training Exchange) and posted by Natalie Rhoads. 

Our warm thanks and appreciation go to all those who provided materials and thoughtful comments on successive drafts:
Arjang Abdollahi Mirranagh (UNICEF Iran), Begoña Arellano (UNICEF TACRO Regional Office), Caroline Bakker (UNICEF Caribbean), Sam Bickel (UNICEF Head Office), Katlin Brasic (UNICEF Serbia), Don Cipriani (Child protection / child rights consultant), Yvon Dandurand (Criminologist – Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada), Brigette De Lay (UNICEF WCARO Regional Office), Amaraa Dorjsambuu (UNICEF Mongolia), Sonykutty George (UNICEF India), Chris Graveson (Youth Aid, New Zealand Police), Rachel Harvey (Children’s Legal Centre UK), Severine Jacomy-Vite (UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Office), Jennifer Keane (UNICEF Head Office), Birgithe Lund-Henriksen (UNICEF Kenya), Furkat Lutfulloev (UNICEF Tajikistan), Séamus Mac Róibín (UNICEF Malawi), Lukas Muntingh (Civil Society Prison Reform Initiative, Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape, South Africa), Joyce Mutiso (UNICEF Uganda), Alberto Muyot (UNICEF Philippines), Laila Nazarali (UNIECF Afghanistan), Anthony Nolan (UNICEF Papua New Guinea), Dan O’Donnell (UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Office), Riffat Sardar (UNICEF Pakistan), Renate Winter (Special Court for Sierra Leone)
This toolkit is a first attempt to compile resources and learning in the complex area of diversion from judicial proceedings and alternatives to detention for children in conflict with the law. There are inevitably gaps in information and areas which can be further improved.

UNICEF invites readers of this toolkit to contribute to the further development of this toolkit by sending resources and experiences to: justiceforchildren@unicef.org

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