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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention

Key Reference Documents

• Introduction
• Documents
• Diagrams
This section contains a small selection of documents to refer back to whilst using the toolkit.
The material included here is not new. It is simply a collection of key documents and diagrams which are embedded at relevant points throughout the toolkit and which can also be found in the 'resources' section. They are included as an additional section here in the main menu for ease of reference. 
Glossary: "Glossary of terms relevant to children in conflict with the law" [Word]
Summary of why diversion and alternatives are important: "Top 10 reasons to promote diverison and alternatives" [Word]
International instruments summary: "International human rights instruments relevant to diversion and alternatives to detention – summary of provisions and commentary" [Word]
Project examples: Summary table of diversion and alternatives project examples from around the world [Word 272kb]
Mapping and planning tool: ‘Systemic approach to diversion and alternatives: mapping and planning tool’ [Word 190kb]
'Bigger picture diagram': "How do diversion & alternatives fit into the bigger picture of children in conflict with the law, justice for children & child protection?” [Powerpoint]
'Prevention pyramid & stages of intervention': "Priorities for intervention to reform justice systems for children in conflict with the law"[Powerpoint]
'Diversion, alternatives, restorative justice & a child rights-based approach': “Help! I’m still confused! What’s the relationship between diversion, alternatives, restorative justice & a child rights-based approach?” [Powerpoint]



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