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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention

How do we do them?

This section is divided into 4 main parts:

A. Main principles
     A1. Child rights-based approach
     A2. Systemic approach
     A3. Restorative justice approach 

B. Steps for implementation
     B1. Overview
     B2. Data management, monitoring & evaluation
     B3. Planning & implementation
          • B3.1 Government commitment to fulfilling protection rights
          • B3.2 Legislation & enforcement
          • B3.3 Attitudes, traditions, customs, behaviour & practice
          • B3.4 Open discussion, including engagement of media & civil society
          • B3.5 Children's life skills, knowledge & participation
          • B3.6 Capacity of those in contact with children
          • B3.7 Basic & targeted services
          • B3.8 Monitoring & oversight

C. Overcoming obstacles

D. Areas of special interest
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