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Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention

Why are they important?

This section is divided into 7 parts. The information included here can be used to support advocacy efforts for diversion and alternatives with government and civil society partners, with the general public and with other stakeholders.

A. Child rights & the international legal framework

B. Child development & psychology

C. Society
    C1. Public safety & recidivism
    C2. Conflict resolution & victim/survivor impact

D. Government 
    D1. Cost effectiveness
    D2. National security

E. Professionals
    E1. Professionalism, job satisfaction & morale

F. Why does UNICEF promote diversion & alternatives?
    F1. Mandate
    F2. Technical support

G. Summary of why diversion & alternatives are important

This summarises the reasons given in the previous sections into a simple reference document which can be used for advocacy and communication purposes.

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