Zanzibar Social Protection Policy

Mid-term evaluation


This report contains findings of the mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the Zanzibar Social Protection Policy (ZSPP). The ZSPP was approved in 2014 and an Implementation Plan (IP) for the policy was developed in 2016, by which ZSPP was to be implemented from 2017 to 2022. In the IP, the vision, mission and objectives of the policy document were retained, background information was updated, strategic priorities were condensed and a plan for implementation was developed. This evaluation uses the ZSPP IP as the primary reference document, but references to the 2014 policy document are made as necessary.  The evaluation is based on a literature review and consultations with key stakeholders, which were held during a visit to Zanzibar in March 2020.

ZSPP Mid-Term Evaluation
The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar
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