Nutrition Public Expenditure Review 2014–2016: Mainland Tanzania

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Tanzania has made considerable progress in improving nutrition in the last 25 years, with significant reduction in the prevalence of all forms of malnutrition, which also contributed to a decrease in child mortality. Despite this, levels of malnutrition remain unacceptable, and so the Government of Tanzania has made improved nutrition a policy priority.

The effective supply and coordination of finance is vital for the nutrition effort. Accordingly, this Public Expenditure Review (PER) was commissioned to assess public expenditures on nutrition and to evaluate results against targets in national strategy documents.

The analysis covers two years 2014/15–2015/16 and encompasses spending from government own-source funds at national and local level, and on- and off-budget Official Development Assistance (ODA) for nutrition.

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United Republic of Tanzania, Irish Aid, UNICEF
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