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24 June 2011: UN Tanzania and Government sign historic 4-year plan of cooperation

© UNICEF Tanzania/2011
Seated left to right: Irish Ambassador Lorcan Fullam, Permanent Secretary Ramadhani Khijjah and UN Resident Coordinator Alberic Kacou surrounded by members of the UN Tanzania Country Team following the signing.

DAR ES SALAAM, 24 June 2011 - Today, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and United Nations signed into act the first ever United Nations Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP) in the history of the global UN system. The UNDAP is the country programme of cooperation for all UN agencies operating in Tanzania for 2011-2015. The closed door event was co-chaired by Ramadhani Khijjah, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance, and Alberic Kacou, the UN Resident Coordinator. Witnessing the ceremony were senior officials from Government ministries, departments and agencies involved in implementation as well as Irish Ambassador Lorcan Fullam, Chair of the Friends of the UN.

During his speech, Kacou congratulated Government and his UN colleagues for the milestone that had been reached and the standards to which they had held themselves throughout: “Behind us is months upon months of hard work. We have consulted, negotiated, gone back to the drawing board and consulted again. This document reflects our commitment to rigorous results based management including increased transparency and accountability. We strove to mainstream gender, human rights and environmental considerations into everything we do.”
The lessons learned from the Delivering as One pilot formed the basis for the UNDAP. As an integrated business plan, it details the precise contributions of the UN to the national poverty reduction strategies, MKUKUTA & MKUZA II. Implementation will begin on July 1st 2011 and will follow Government’s planning cycle.

The signing of this plan follows the endorsement by the Government-UN Joint Steering Committee (JSC) in December 2010 in which the UN committed to contribute USD 777 million to support the government business of implementing its national development objectives as well as the Internationally Agreed Development Goals (IADGs), including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Following signature by the two Chairs, the Plan was signed by the Heads of UN Agencies working in Tanzania.

© UNICEF Tanzania/2011
Permanent Secretary Ramadhani Khijjah and UN Resident Coordinator Alberic Kacou, pictured signing the UNDAP.

Following the meeting, Mr. Khijjah reiterated the importance of the Plan and Government’s commitment to working with the UN to implement it: “The UNDAP has simplified the proliferation of programmes we used to have and reduced the number to only ten specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, objectives-bearing and synergetic programmes, that are in line with the national priorities... All the UN Funds, Programmes and Agencies are collectively contributing to achieve the results of these programmes, making them commonly agreed objectives. This is the difference embedded in the UNDAP approach.”

During his speech, the Resident Coordinator cautioned that while the day was an important one, producing the UNDAP was only just the beginning. “Ahead of us lies the challenge of implementing the bold programme to which we have committed. UNDAP includes interventions as diverse as providing humanitarian assistance to refugees, to improving private sector access to international markets, to feeding school children... We must make good on our promise to be an accountable, honest and trusted partner to Government and the people of Tanzania... We must also rally financial support from donors to make UNDAP a reality on the ground. In short, we must now focus our energies on delivery.”

During the brief ceremony, Ambassador Fullam made a statement on behalf of Development Partners congratulating Government and the UN for this ambitious and ground breaking approach to UN planning and programming. On the sidelines of the event, the Ambassador encouraged “the UN Country Team to remain steadfast in its efforts to improve the coherence, efficiency and effectiveness of the UN in Tanzania. As we close in on the deadline for meeting the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, we look to the UN to reduce costs, increase impact and demonstrate meaningful results on the ground with the same enthusiasm and capability it has always displayed.”

The four-year programme focuses on strengthening country systems, policies and processes for the fulfilment of human rights and pro-poor growth. It will build national capacity to deliver basic services while increasing coverage and quality. It will also provide humanitarian assistance that is tied to long-term development objectives.

UNDAP will touch specifically upon: Economic Growth; Environment and Climate Change; Education; Health and Nutrition; HIV and AIDS; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Social Protection; Governance; Refugees; and Emergencies and Disaster Response.

More details on the full programme of the UN in Tanzania, including a downloadable copy of the UNDAP can be found at



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