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Promoting healthy behaviours

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During a village health day in Rundugai, Tanzania, women and children attend a ceremony to raise awareness on the impact of malaria and other diseases on children.

UNICEF has reached over 1.7 million women and care givers with key messages and correct information on essential child care practices. There is a direct link between healthy behaviours and good health.

Healthy behaviours can address many of the preventable causes of disease and deaths. Working with the Health Promotion Unit/Ministry of Health, health personnel and through the community, UNICEF helps promote adoption of practices at the household and community levels to improve child health and development – including:

  • promoting antenatal care and facility delivery,
  • promoting regular attendance to child health clinic,
  • seeking immunization, managing diarrhoea,
  • improving nutrition
  • seeking early care when children are sick with fevers and severe respiratory illnesses.



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