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Children's Agenda Strategy 2012-2015

Multi-year advocacy strategy to advocate for increased resources and commitment to children, and ensure child rights feature strongly in the 2015 national and LGA elections.

The Children’s Agenda aims to influence social and economic change in Tanzania through advocacy for more effective and increased investment in policies and strategies that can transform the lives of children and their families. The strategy relies on CA partners sharing their strengths, experience and to some extent their resources in order to meet the targets set by the Children’s Agenda.

The 2012-2015 strategy looks at:

  • Building capacity and strengthening the coalition for child rights advocacy among civil society partners
  • Establishing child rights partnerships with Parliamentarians, Councillors and other key influencers including religious leaders.
  • Building capacity and establishing partnerships for child rights with the mass media
  • Strengthening and expanding opportunities for sustainable, quality participation of children as advocates for their rights.

The key goal of the Children’s Agenda strategy is to achieve more effective budget allocations to the Top Ten Investments for Children, at national and local government levels.



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