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© UNICEF Tanzania/Jacqueline Namfua
Young reporters from Moshi and Arusha proudly hold up their certificates after completing their 5-day media training in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region.

The Young Reporters’ Network in Arusha works in collaboration with Mkombozi, a local NGO, and Radio 5. There are currently 15 trained young reporters producing weekly children’s programmes. They can be heard on their radio programme ‘Mlango wa Watoto’ on Saturdays from 0900 – 1000 hrs (EAT) 

“It’s important for children and youth to talk about their issues. When children and youth get a chance to prepare their own programmes, they get a platform to talk about what concerns them instead of adults speaking on their behalf. This way, it’s easy to understand their needs. That is why the Young Reporters’ Network is touching the community in a very unique way. ” - Linus Kilembu, Presenter, Radio 5

“The Young Reporters’ Network programme is very beneficial to the community because there is no better person to talk about a child’s life and about what that child needs than the child him/herself” - Linus Kilembu, Presenter Radio 5



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