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Dar es Salaam

© UNICEF Tanzania/Jacqueline Namfua
Young reporters from Dar es Salaam celebrate after completing their 5-day media training.

The young reporters in Dar es Salaam can be heard on ‘Paza Sauti’, a programme on Radio Tumaini. Dar es Salaam has 30 trained young reporters. Save the Children works with the young reporters in both Temeke and Kinondoni districts. Tune in every Saturday from 1000 -1100 hrs (EAT)

“The Young Reporters’ Network has helped me a lot, first to be confident, I was not confident before but I am now. I can stand in front of people, introduce myself, and run a programme or run any meeting. In my opinion, each reporter should have a recorder so we can know how to use them very well. We also use Facebook and the internet so people can read our work and know there is a Young Reporters’ Network and the work we do.” – Mussa, 13 yrs, Kinondoni

“It is important to have children programmes on radio or on TV. Children help other children build their capacity to explain themselves. They advocate issues that concern children and they also make these issues known to the rest of the community. These issues include discrimination, getting an education and also knowing their basic rights. The programmes also help children not just to explain issues affecting them but also for them to build skills in expressing themselves and being heard. When we deny a child an education, deny them time to play, deny them to participate in decision making in the family, we are denying them their rights as children. So when the community listens to the radio their awareness is raised.” Celina Joseph Matuja, Radio and TV Presenter, Tumaini Radio



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