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© UNICEF Tanzania/Jacqueline Namfua
Young reporters from Pemba and Unguja in Zanzibar hold up their certificates after completing their 5-day media training.

Zanzibar has a total of 30 young reporters from Pemba and Unguja. The Young Reporters’ Network partners with ZAPHA Plus, Zenji FM and Radio Zanzibar to produce a programme for children called ‘Toto’s Corner’. Toto’s Corner airs on Sunday from 1000 – 1100 hrs (EAT) on both Radio Zanzibar and Zenji FM.

“The young reporters once did a programme on physical disability and visited a school for physically disabled children. The classrooms were in bad condition and in need of repairs. After the programme was aired, the Ministry of Education repaired the classrooms. They replaced the old roof with a new one.” – Sabri Mbela, Facilitator, Pemba

 “When we go into the community to gather stories, we meet a lot of children who also want to join our Network. This makes us feel like our programmes are well received and appreciated.” - Mariam Charles, Facilitator, ZAPHA+, Unguja

“Through our programme ‘Toto’s Corner’, we were able to work with the national blood bank institute. Their primary goal is to get the public to donate blood. We did a massive campaign with them and our listeners donated blood. Pregnant women, children and the community at large will benefit from the blood bank.” – Seif, Pemba

“Our programme ‘Toto’s Corner’ has a good relationship with the Government and Police Force. We are now working with many of the Ministries and Police Force in different campaigns on child rights awareness in Tanzania. We are the voice of the children and we represent ourselves through our programme.” - Seif, Pemba

“Our programme has now become very interactive. Initially we used to get eight to twelve calls per programme but now we get up to thirty calls in each programme. We also get comments on our Facebook page. Our listeners say we cover topics that reflect the real lives of Tanzanian and African children.” - Seif, Pemba



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