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Raising nutrition profile

UNICEF is playing a key role in raising the profile of nutrition within the political leadership, and ensuring national plans and strategies include nutrition priorities. With technical support from UNICEF, nutrition is firmly anchored in current poverty reduction strategies for mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar and the National Nutrition Strategy (2011-2016) is now in place.

UNICEF works by establishing and maintaining collaborative partnerships among government agencies, development partners, civil society and the private sector that are vital to positioning nutrition high on the political and development agenda.

UNICEF is supporting the Prime Minister’s Office in leading the newly formed High Level Steering Committee for Nutrition.

This steering committee brings together senior government officials from over ten central ministries with development partners to agree on action to combat the country’s most pressing nutrition challenges.

UNICEF also initiated the formation of a multi-sectoral Technical Working Group on Nutrition and is leading the Development Partners Group on Nutrition.

UNICEF has catalysed the formation of a civil-society led Partnership for Nutrition to harness the collective support of organizations operating at both the district and national level in advocating for increased commitments and actions for nutrition.

UNICEF also encourages stronger alliances between private sector enterprises, including salt producers for salt iodization.



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