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The current UNICEF country programme runs from 2010 to 2015. The focus is to contribute in protecting children's rights to survival, development, protection and participation, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable.

A core component of UNICEF's mission is to mobilize political will and resources towards a "first call for children". To this end, UNICEF Tajikistan, in cooperation with the Government, has identified key projects to address the problems of children and women in the country.

The current UNICEF country programme runs from 2010 to 2015. The focus is to contribute in protecting children's rights to survival, development, protection and participation, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable.

To address major difficulties and threats to childhood in Tajikistan, UNICEF advises, mobilizes and supports initiatives aimed at enhancing and advancing actions in the following areas, which are all reflected in the specific components of the current UNICEF programme cycle in Tajikistan (2010-2015).

Child Survival and Development

UNICEF supports initiatives in child survival and development through a programme consisting of a mother and child health component, a nutrition component and an HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment component. In addition emergency preparedness and response is incorporated into the capacity development activities of this programme component. The programme is being implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Health, other United Nations agencies and local and international non-governmental organizations.

Basic Education and Gender Equality 

The Programme aims to achieve the following key results: a) government policies as well as partners’ plans explicitly address the issue of gender disparity and other inequalities in basic education; b) early learning models are piloted and evaluated, and a conducive policy environment is established allowing alternative systems; c) in 15 per cent of schools, students have access to gender-sensitive water and sanitation facilities as an entry point to increasing girls’ attendance and completion rates; and d) in 27 per cent of schools, students in grade 7-9 have knowledge of and practice life skills.

Child Protection

The Child Protection Programme aspires to the child care system to be transformed into a comprehensive set of services that rely more on community-based services, especially for children with disabilities and family substitute care, and the juvenile justice system to respect the best interests of the child, and community-based alternative practices aiming at minimising deprivation of liberty to be available and used.

Policy and Planning

This programme component contributes to Government’s effort to generate quality and updated data to better inform policy and action. The programme uses communication for development to create an enabling social and economic policy environment that promotes child-centred policy as well as partnerships for sustained realisation of child rights.

The current programme cycle represents an ambitious, though achievable blueprint for progress. Success will depend on maintaining the high level of energy and creativity necessary to address the issues affecting women and children in Tajikistan. It will also depend on the availability of sufficient resources.

The UNICEF country programme in Tajikistan is supported through regular resources provided by the Government, UNICEF headquarters and partners.

UNICEF Tajikistan also depends on voluntary contributions. People and organizations that share UNICEF's vision, values and principles may donate to the work. These donations will play a crucial role in the realization of the rights of children and women, help the children of Tajikistan enjoy a better childhood and complement the financial resources and technical expertise supplied by UNICEF, the Government and partners.

If you wish to donate to the UNICEF country programme in Tajikistan, please contact the following offices:

• In Germany: http://www.unicef.de/
• In Italy: www.unicef.it
• In Sweden: http://www.unicef.se/
• In the United Kingdom: www.unicef.org.uk
• In the US: http://www.unicefusa.org/

If you wish, you can mail your donation to the following address:

Children First Internet Donation
3 UN Plaza
New York, NY 10017

You can also make a real difference for children by donating to UNICEF online, at www.unicef.org/support/index.html or at www.unicef.org/ceecis/support.html.

Your gift may be tax deductible depending on the laws of your country. In any case, any amount you give can make a difference.





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