Quality Basic Education for All

Ministry of Education
The cooperation and contributions of the ministry have been fundamental to any success in UNICEF's programmes in education.

Republican Centre for Extracurricular Activities
Supported by the Ministry of Education, this governmental organization advocates for girls education by providing extracurricular learning and recreation to girls who have dropped out of school and targets high-risk zones for education initiatives on the dangers of landmines.

Central and regional institutes for pre- and in-service training among teachers
These institutes are instrumental in efforts within the current UNICEF country programme to raise the capacities and skills of teachers and school headmasters in child-centred teaching and in school management techniques and tools.

Local education departments
Local education departments in priority UNICEF areas closely cooperate with UNICEF in monitoring the implementation of local interventions and ensuring the sustainability of tangible programme outcomes.

Individual schools
Many individual schools have benefited from and contributed to the UNICEF initiatives.

Non-governmental, civil society and community-based organizations
UNICEF works with non-governmental and community partners on life-skills education initiatives to encourage girls to attend school.

United Nations Development Programme
This UN organization has assisted with education costing.

Save the Children UK
This organization is working to improve the quality of the schooling children receive. It has helped in the development of a community-based education management information system.



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