UNICEF does not work alone, nor can it do so. Its achievements are the result of carefully cultivated relationships with a wide range of partners. In Tajikistan, UNICEF partnerships have grown steadily in importance and in number over the years. Partnerships are a fundamental component of the organization's work. In particular, the Government and its various ministries have been essential partners since the beginning of UNICEF activities in the country.

UNICEF also looks to other United Nations agencies, diplomatic missions and bilateral development agencies as key sources of partnership for development programmes and in realizing the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable, especially children and young people. Civil society organizations, including children's organizations, the media, sports associations, art associations and the private sector have been active partners.

UNICEF Tajikistan has been able to enhance its engagement with non-governmental organizations involved in children's issues and with forums such as the child reference groups and children's peer groups in schools, as well as with non-governmental organizations working with young people, especially on HIV/AIDS. These partnerships have been fruitful in Dushanbe, the capital, but also in outlying regions. They will continue to be developed and cherished.

With the support of these and other partners, UNICEF can make a difference among the key agents of change: the children and women of Tajikistan.



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